Free Your Patients And Accident Victims Faster Than Ever Before. 
S-CUT replaces trauma shears, emergency scissors and other rescue cutting tools.
Effective on leather belts, zippers and heavy outerwear, as well as ordinary fabrics.
S-CUT allows you to work without moving the patient, avoiding causing unnecessary pain, discomfort and further injury.
Ambulance - Hospital - Police - Fire - Military    All use S-Cut in Sweden
S-CUT replaces trauma shears, knifes and similar tools.
Used in more than 20 countries around the world

S-CUT 501 or 701 S-CUT models are fitted in every Ambulance vehicle in Sweden.

Ambulance officers carry QE S-CUT.

70% of all Fire brigades in Sweden are equipped with S-CUT 501

S-CUT 601  is a lightweight model with an additional blade which eliminates the need for a free edge to start cutting. The so-called ‘slitting function’ is especially useful in car crashes where it can cut open fabric of a seat back and clear the way for the use of hydraulic scissors.

The 601 S-CUT model is  made for really tough conditions, but lighter and easier to carry on your belt at all times.


S-CUT 701  model differs from the 501 model in one important respect – it is smaller and lighter. This makes it the ideal tool wherever weight is an issue, such as in the ambulance services. The Swedish Police is equipped with the 701.

S-CUT 701 is an invaluable tool to have at hand in situations where a defibrillator might be used. The S-CUT enables you to free patients or accident victims, avoiding unnecessary pain, discomfort or further injury. The 701 is light weight, easy to carry on your belt or in your pocket.

S-CUT QE is primarily used by Ambulance Officers  since it is faster and safer for both user and victim. It is also used in industry and in many cases replaces other cutting tools because of its enclosed and protected cutting area.


S-CUT easily removes 

  • Leather belts

  • Zippers

  • Wet suits

  • Motorbike leathers

  • Seatbelts

  • Heavy duty outerwear – army clothing

  • Protective gear or police protection can easily be cut and removed

S-CUT XC-E X-treme was originally developed for the horse industry, but has proven to be a great tool for abseiling, mountaineering, hunting and boating. It has also been used by paramedics and prison officers

S-CUT XC-E X-treme easily cuts through:-

  • Ropes

  • Fishing nets

  • Hunting/Field dressing

  • Horse halter straps

  • Halters – in both leather and nylon

  • Electric fence wire/electric fence strap in electric power off conditions

  • Saddle girths and horse blankets etc

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