Sore nipples from nursing? Skin painful, cracked, chapped, or chafed? Dr. Nice is here to help!


Created by one of the world’s leading Medications and Breastfeeding Consultant, Dr. Frank J. Nice. Created with 100% all natural ingredients, apply to prevent dry skin, chafing, cracking and soreness caused during nursing.

Apply refrigerated for a cool thin liquid layer or at room temperature for a thicker gel coating.  

Dr. Nice Breast Gel® was developed by Dr. Frank J. Nice, RPh, DPA, CPHP, to provide an unique natural gel with instant cooling relief to sore nipples; thus nursing moms can successfully breastfeed. It is made of natural components with an advanced biocompatible hydrogel formulation.

Compared to existing products, it provides instant cooling relief to soothe and heal sore nipples and then forms a skin-like protective film on the nipple area. This allows the nipples to heal and toughen on their own.

The product is simple, easy to use, and hygienic; is safe for both the mom and baby; and creates an optimal environment that prevents bacteria and/or fungal buildup.


Dr Nice Breast Gel is associated with fewer nipple cracks and is more effective than placebo, lanolin, and topical breast milk, itself. It is recommended also for prevention of nipple cracks along with teaching better latching techniques at the initiation of breastfeeding. 

Dr Nice Breast Gel - Sore & Cracked Nipples

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  • “Since using the Dr Nice Breast Gel with my lactation clients, they have found it really soothing on their damaged nipples.

    Cracked, bleeding and blistering of nipples when baby is unable to attach correctly leads to pain and discomfort in breastfeeding mothers, nipples are healing quicker than with any other products I have used.

    The unique applicator makes it easy to use an apply. As an IBCLC I can highly recommend Dr Nice Breast Gel to any mother who is enduring painful nipples when breastfeeding.” 

    Rebecca Kubenk IBCLC. Blooming in Adelaide, July 2017