NurseEZ. The Non-Surgical Treatment for Smooth (Flat) and Inverted Nipples.


Draws out the nipple by applying suction.


Sanitize NurseEZ before use by boling in water for 1 min.

Allow to cool.
Apply a small amount of Nursing Balm to the areola/nipple.
Centre cup over nipple and squeeze gently. Keeping the rim flat, push it into the areola, then release.

If the suction is too strong relase the cup and try again, squeezing the cup less.

Only use for 15 min the first day.

If comfort and tolerance allows, increase the wear the next day to 30 min, then 60 min the following day. You can advance the treatment to several times a day if you find comfortable. If you experience pain stop the use. If tolerated try again after a few days for 15 min.

When you are comfortable you can wear NurseEZ for 5-6 hours a day.


Keep in place with bra.

You may find our Breast Shells help to keep NurseEZ in place.

Many women find NurseEZ has eventually helped the nipple to permanently stay out, but it varies between individuals as it depends on how strong smooth or inverted the nipple is. Be patient.


Safe and effective treatment for Inverted nipples.

One pair of soft supple cups in silicone.


NurseEZ is comparable with our previous Supple Cups, but stays on much better due to the firmer ring design.


Before using NurseEZ please refer to our instructions.

You'll find the same information about how to use NurseEZ on our Product FAQ page.

NurseEZ Inverted & Smooth Nipple Aid

  • NurseEZ are very useful to treat inverted nipples during PREGNANCY.


    However, use with caution in the last trimester since nipple stimulation can result in Braxton-Hicks type contractions. The suction from the device is constant and not likely to stimulate nerve endings to create this result, but this can occur. If you notice contractions possibly related to wearing the device, stop use and contact your Midwife.


    Leaking milk may also make wearing the aids more difficult as they may dislodge easily. If the aids fill with colostrum, empty, rinse and reapply.


    Should you have a history of premature labour, are considered at risk for premature labour, or especially if you have been prohibited from sexual activity during the pregnancy, do not use the NurseEZ without discussing your specific situation with your doctor. If you are recommended to discontinue use of the device, discuss with your Midwife when you can safely resume.



    After DELIVERY:

    Wear the silicone thimble for Inverted nipples 30 minutes prior to feeding your baby.


    If they cause some milk to leak out, the cups may release sooner; simply empty the milk in a cup and re-apply. The milk may be saved if device is clean and emptied quickly.


    *Be sure to remove before feeding.

    Keep out of reach of children as this product could be a choking hazard.